You may benefit from your decision to avoid negative risk.  By the same token, you may encounter rewards for taking on positive risk.  Knowing when to take on risk, and how much risk to take on, is the nature of risk management.  The number one concept of risk management is first and foremost avoiding losses.

Risk Classifications

A risk is an uncertain event, which could be classified as positive or negative depending on the most likely outcome upon which the event is based.  Undertaking a business venture which could prove to be profitable, weathering a storm without insurance, both of these scenarios are risks one might take.  Risk is commonly viewed in quantitative terms as one of the following: a measure of dispersion of returns in a sample of investments in a portfolio about the mean return of the portfolio, the range of possible outcomes of a project based on an analysis of possible future events, a degree of financial leverage of a company, or a risk of default on a company’s bonds.

Your Objective

Your objective is to solve the problem of creating a secure store of intrinsic value through risk optimization and having that value grow consistently over time.  WBC Risk Management Inc specializes in optimizing risk with the aim of highly accessible funds growing securely over time.

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