Do you know your Real Value Score?  This is a measure of wealth in terms of it’s real worth to you, measured on a scale from 0 to 100.  The score takes into account the freedom you have to capture opportunities right now, how well protected your assets are to negative risk, and net present value of investments.  The Real Value Score is a measure of efficiency.

There is reward to you for avoiding negative risk.  There is also reward for taking positive risk.  Having zero access to funds signals negative risk because highly accessible funds help us to get through economic crises.  Not having accessible funds also means there is a lack of positive risk in your model.  The Real Value Score rewards those who understand risk.

The objective is to solve the problem of having a secure store of real value growing consistently over time.  WBC Risk Management Inc specializes in addressing the concern of accessible funds combined with security, guiding you on the fulfillment of your mission, writing the story of your future.

Be the Hero of Your Story