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We at WBC Risk Management are interested in being a resource for a very effective process based on your own crystal clear vision and objectives, maximizing gains to stakeholders of your organization. We believe that listening to you and then serving as a guide on your financial mission is the best way to go from your present situation to the reality you want to create in the future.

Ben Carlen

Ben is in the financial services business and uses a very unique approach. He helps people find money they are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily!  Ben’s  desire is to serve by first helping clients be more efficient with what they already have, effectively equating minimization and avoidance of loss with a gain.  This set of values merged with high quality analysis of more risky investments, always with an eye on accessible funds, creates opportunities for efficiency in an organization’s capital outlay.  Ben’s motto is “Create success by focusing on the strategic values of security, access to capital, and competitive growth.”

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