Thank you for choosing WBC Risk Management!  Our team is looking forward to listening to you, understanding your feelings concerning finances, and getting to know you.

We value our relationship with you and will work to provide a solution that increases your security, prosperity, and Store of Intrinsic Value.

WBC’s Process

WBC Risk Management will guide you through a simple three step process.

Getting to Know You

In Step 1 of the 3-step WBC process, we simply sit down with you and get to know you.  This will be a meeting with a duration of approximately one hour when we will inquire about your attitudes and risk tolerances and what you are specifically looking to accomplish.


After getting to know you, in Step 2 we look for ways to be more efficient in terms of risks that are being taken right now or not taken right now and whether you might want to be more efficient with those decisions.  We will look for places where you’re currently being inefficient and select tools and techniques to correct these.  This second meeting may run approximately two hours.

A risk analysis and Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is then constructed for you.  Two important things are underlined.

  1. a list of current positive and negative risks in your model (these are Qualitative Risks) with consideration of your specific risk tolerance (this is Quantitative Risk), in other words, where you are currently being inefficient.
  2. recommended actions to take with your risk management plan.

Implementation and Monitoring

For Step 3 in the WBC process, we will implement the plan which we have together deemed to be suitable for you.  From there, we continually monitor your situation for any changes.  This step does not take any extra time on your part.  The achievement of your goals is important to us.  We will meet together at least once every year, and you will receive quarterly statements to verify that you are on course.

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