Your story

You can write your story and use the steady-state principle we teach you in every decision.  The ultimate goal is your money growing securely and efficiently, you having access to all the money you need to accomplish everything you want.


Success depends on how negative risk and positive risk are handled.  Avoiding negative risk means that you will not lose money on the risk.  Conversely, by deciding to not avoid – or capture – positive risk, you are doing something positive with that risk which could add value.  Everyone has a unique tolerance for risk which is based upon ability and willingness.

The steady state

The steady state principle is to Protect, Reserve, Invest.  Doing these things in this order will provide a very good opportunity to achieve the steady state of growth and security.


Opportunity cost is the opportunity lost doing something versus doing another, better thing.  The key to the steady-state principle and tying everything together is seeking to avoid and minimize opportunity costs occurring unknowingly and unnecessarily.

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