WBC Risk Management Inc has developed the Steady State Principle which utilizes Protect, Reserve, Invest to create a Store of Real Value for you.


Opportunity cost is defined as the opportunity lost to you when you do one thing versus choosing to do another, better thing.  Opportunity realization is when you are presented with good opportunities and you realize a financial gain on them.  You will learn to avoid or minimize opportunity costs occurring unknowingly and unnecessarily, at the same time capturing opportunity realizations.

The Store of Real Value

Everything we will do directly affects the Store of Real Value through minimizing opportunity costs and maximizing opportunity realizations.  We must do these things together.  Two characteristics we always connect with your store are security and access to capital.

The Steady State Principle

The Steady State Principle leads to a Store of Real Value that is safe and secure, but profitable.  We use a constant feedback system focusing on educated decision making within the areas of Protect, Reserve, Invest.