WBC Risk Management is a discretionary asset manager registered as an Investment Advisor (IA) with the State of Tennessee Securities Division.  In its fiduciary capacity, the firm of WBC Risk Management is granted permission to manage investments for the client by making informed decisions to purchase and sell securities in accordance with the client’s best interests and aligning with an investment plan set forth by the client and WBC.

Investing involves market risk which is put to use in an effort to attain set goals within the Invest portion of the overall strategy of Protect, Reserve, Invest.

Goals can range from aggressive growth to capital preservation.  Two-thirds of Protect, Reserve, Invest are devoted to the avoidance and minimization of risk.  This one-third is the exception, which takes on risk, within the risk guidelines set by you, the client of WBC Risk Management.  However, by taking market risk there is a chance of principal loss.

The Reserve portion of the strategy is engineered to earn a certain stable and competitive return through dividends, compound interest, and tax efficiency.  The fundamental nature of the reserve account is never overstated. It is the lower level of risk this account brings to one’s overall strategy that allows one to more confidently take higher risk in other accounts.

Various investment alternatives are available depending on your risk tolerance and  investment horizon – risk tolerance includes both the ability and willingness to take quantitative risk.

WBC Risk Management’s annualized, negotiable fee for investment management and advisory services may be based on the following fee schedule:

Average Market Value Annual Fee

First $1,000,000 1.50%
Next $4,000,000 1.00%
Over $5,000,000 negotiable

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