Funds reserved for strategic use in your future reside in an account called a reserve account.  The reserve account is the central command station of your Steady State Principle and may be a large proportion of your Store of Real Value.

Classifying risk

A risk may be classified as positive or negative, depending on the likely outcome of the event upon which it is based.  Risk is commonly viewed, however, in quantitative terms.

The flow of money

In finance, there are high-risk as well as low-risk areas where you may direct money.  These areas are valuable to your plan.  If you choose to work with WBC Risk Management Inc you will be brought to understand the types of accounts associated with each area.  Money flows by itself to some areas, but a well thought out plan is required to direct flow in the direction of either the high risk or low risk areas.

The reserve account

The reserve account resides in a low-risk area and serves as protector for high-risk-area accounts.  It’s also used as a source of funds for a capital project or in retirement.

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