The ingredients for success

The following three things must be brought into alignment for you to be to be successful – protection in the form of insurance purchased, a private reserve of funds highly accessible to you, and accounts in the higher risk arena.

A most important financial concept

As soon as you spend a monetary unit you did not have to spend, you lost not only the monetary unit but what that unit could have earned for you had you been able to keep it.  This defines a very important term constituting the basis of your process, opportunity cost.

For most, there is a separation where separate and disconnected professionals handle these three areas of finance, one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.  Part of what we do at WBC Risk Management is make sure these areas are under your control, and we do this by employing this extremely important financial concept of opportunity cost.  This is your process!

Each component of your plan will be devoted to avoidance and minimization of unnecessary losses and only then looking at risky projects.

You master the process

By choosing WBC Risk Management as a guide, you will learn your process and use your process in each and every financial decision in the future.  Minimization of opportunity cost losses means that you, instead of others, are in complete control, having access to more capital when you want it! This is the fundamental tenet of what we believe.

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