What is Steady State Principle?

Steady State Principle is an idea that says the best possible state to be in is a state of steadily growing wealth over time where the state is affected as little as possible by conditions external to our control.  Here, we are relatively unconcerned with economic changes which could introduce undue risk into our Store of Intrinsic Value plus we have ready access to enough capital to do what we want to do without affecting overall growth of money.

Yes, the state is possible and attainable.  It’s a very good feeling to work toward and achieve an efficient, steady state where there may be found confidence and security in a financial landscape that rarely displays these features.

Minimization of financial losses occurring unknowingly and unnecessarily actually being equally as important to your Store of Intrinsic Value as maximization of financial gains means you’re free to combine techniques of opportunity cost minimization and opportunity benefit realization in a steady and controlled way.